is firmly committed to becoming the technological leader in the gaming space. This will allow us to provide better support to game studios. With the introduction of the Gamespark BAAS back end as a service for indie game studios together with other related services we offer, studios will now be able to more easily scale their growth by teaming up with Gamespark.

Just a short few years ago GAMESPARK™ introduced a revolutionary new online social networking platform in addition to its prior services. Now after much work and development, the brand is embarking on an exciting new chapter in its evolution with the new Gamespark BAAS suite of services.

If you are a game-maker, and want to make your games known, GAMESPARK™ can help. To sell, or simply make your game available for others, contact GAMESPARK™, to arrange to make your work available through our GAMESPARK™ store, or as a free download. GAMESPARK™ is proud to offer various advertising plans on its various sites and are in the process of introducing exciting new solutions for independent game studios and developers to assist them expanding their audience reach.

The GAMESPARK™ team is also proud to offer game licensing, custom games, consulting,design, monetization, production, and distribution services, as well consulting services on advertisements and all other types of interactive products ranging from short promotional videos, to full on gaming platforms.

The company and owners behind the famous GAMESPARK brand are proud to be building on its long heritage as a well known site where you can chat and play with other people in multi player games, and trade, or buy and sell games and gaming gear. We look forward to having you join our community co-create something fun with us.

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