Pinoy Real strives to inspire Filipino entrepreneurs across the world, including the mompreneurs and the solopreneurs, to follow their passion and fulfill their dreams. Pinoy Real believes that real stories of real people have a far greater inspirational impact than fictional stories. These human interest stories of real, ordinary people touch people’s hearts and help them unlock their potential and become better versions of themselves.

The inspiration behind this program from Pinoy Real is none other than the entrepreneurial story of its founder, Katrina Sevilla, a Filipino woman whose journey began in an impoverished village in the southern part of the Philippines. Born into a lower-middle-class family, Katrina overcame poverty, family ill-health, and limited education to become a successful entrepreneur with a fulfilling personal life. She now lives in Belgium with her loving husband and kids. Her story is one of personal growth, a story of grit and determination, winning against all odds. Katrina attributes her success to “actively looking for solutions to self-improvement, financial freedom, and a healthy lifestyle.”

Katrina Sevilla now wishes to grow not just in her own life but to also contribute to a better and brighter life for fellow Filipinos. Asks Katrina, “Does your life story resonate with mine? You’re not alone on this journey.” Katrina Sevilla has created this platform to share stories of ordinary people who became super achievers and changemakers like her. These are stories of hope, courage, action, and of breaking self-limiting barriers. Says Kristine C, a work-from-home Mom, “Being shy made me avoid YouTube and interviews. With Pinoy Real, I told my story for the first time. A wonderful experience that made me overcome my fear.”

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Do you have a beautiful, inspiring story to tell? What kept you going when things got tough? Do you want to share your story of how you started with nothing but your dreams? Or how you staked your all on a failing business and turned it around because you believed in it? Each story is inspiring in its own way.

Your own story may be in the making, but you may know of an entrepreneurial achievement of a friend or family member. You can still make a difference. Do send them the link to register. Katrina Sevilla will personally review each submission.

About Pinoy Real

Pinoy Real’s mission is to be a platform for personal growth, to share innovative ideas and solutions to improve the lives of Filipinos around the world as much as possible. To further this aim, Pinoy Real hosts interviews with super achievers from across the globe, whether they are CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, employees, or even students. With a view to inspire those who are starting out on their journey of transformation, Pinoy Real showcases the compelling stories of these change-makers through podcasts, live streaming as well as YouTube videos. As Pinoy Real believes that transformation needs to be holistic, we also share advice from experts on health, wealth and a host of other subjects.

Pinoy Real is a community of young and vibrant entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, and marketers striving to turn their dreams into reality. Come, be a part of it.

With more than 10 years of business experience, Pinoy Real can help you convert your passion into a profitable project.

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