Author and Doctor James McCollum, a Professor Emeritus with The University of Alabama in Huntsville, a part of The University of Alabama System shares his travels and compelling events in this memoir in various locales in Europe, Middle East and other different parts around the globe in their book, “The Professors’ Tales: Work & Play in Foreign Lands.” This book details their journeys that resulted from a pair of Fulbright Scholarships enabling the one-time Director of Graduate Studies for the UAH College of Business to teach classes at The Romanian-American University (RAU) in Bucharest, as well as on the shores of the Black Sea.

Dr. McCollum’s “The Professors’ Tales: Work & Play in Foreign Lands” recalls receiving mail from the United States Fulbright Program in Washington. The good Professor convinced her wife, Barbara to go behind the old ‘Iron Curtain’ to see what life was like there. This was two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Dr. McCollum requested to go to Russia, unfortunately all positions were all fill out and was offered to teach in Romania instead then soon scheduled to teach classes at the Academy Study for Economy (ASE). After a long flight, on Sept. 23, 1991, they had their first Fulbright orientation at the Embassy in Bucharest.

“It has been a life changer, and I wanted to go back,” as Dr. McCollum recalls. “I felt that I had a mission to help the Romanians. He had taught three university classes and 40 seminars ranging from two hours to five days with more than 1,000 students. Barbara had tutored English to numerous Romanians. Also consulted with several Romanian companies and had written business plans for some of them.

The Holistic Marketing Management Journal of the Romanian-American University recently awarded the prestigious HMM Diploma of Special Merit to “Dr. James K. McCollum, Professor Emeritus, University of Alabama in Huntsville, U.S.A., for outstanding contributions in the field of Business and Talent Management on the occasion of RAU’s 30th anniversary.” Today, Dr. McCollum is recognized as one of RAU’s most beloved Visiting Professors.

Read the book to follow Dr. McCollum’s journey as they experience significant events that became history in various countries in Europe and some parts in the Middle East. Travel back in time and witness their achievements as it shows the Author/Professor’s efforts, dedication and the know-how to make work a pleasure and enjoy life as well as balancing quality family time. The book’s layout and presentation provide important information to the reader that surely captivates beginning with the Preface and eighteen compelling chapters that doesn’t disappoint.

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The Professors’ Tales: Work & Play In Foreign Lands (Book 1)
James and Barbara McCollum
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: August 2021
Genre: Memoir
Target Audience: Academics, students who like to do something new.

About the Author
The professor and his wife are described in the Preface in a first career: 20 years in the U.S. Army, followed by a second career in academia that started with a PhD from Virginia Tech. This was followed by five years at Auburn University and then a move to The University of Alabama at Huntsville. In both places, the Professors taught classes.

Then he got a Fulbright Scholarship to go to Romania. This led to him bringing Romanian managers to Huntsville and other trips for both to go to Romania to teach classes. Later, they taught classes for the Universities of Maryland, Maine, Black Sea, and Romanian-America.

He got the second Fulbright Scholarship to go to Romania in 2003 and he was teaching in Romanian-American University until 2017.