IWS FinTech joins the ranks of Asia’s top fast-moving small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with its recent win at the SME100 Awards 2021. The company, with its focus on blockchain technology and helping businesses expedite their digital transformation, continues to make headway in both the fintech and innovation space. The recognition cements IWS Fintech place among the most successful and trustworthy SMEs in the region.

Launched in 2009, the SME100 Awards identifies fast-growing companies across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and more recently, Vietnam. Nominees are judged based on the criteria of growth (turnover, profit and market share) and resilience (best practices, sustainability and vision), before the eventual winners are crowned. For relative newcomers and business owners, the awards also serve as benchmarks of trust and reliability.

IWS FinTech’s Director, Tan Kok Seong said: “We’re humbled and honored to be a recipient of this premier award and are looking towards building on our strengths and expanding our presence in the fintech and blockchain sector. ‘Fast-moving’ has always been a part of our DNA, by the very nature of competing and excelling in an ever-changing and dynamic fintech space. The award not only encapsulates how we approach our continued growth, but is also an affirmation of our clients’ and peers’ trust in our vision and in the work that we do.”

The company counts the seasoned entrepreneurs and tech experts sitting on its board as key drivers of its success and strategic growth. Among them are Founder of Fullerton Markets, Mario Singh, and Founder and Head of Strategy of Aqua Digital Rising, Yasin Sebastian Qureshi, who together with the team, are helping businesses build and strengthen their fintech infrastructure and effectively implement technological innovations to meet organisational objectives.

About IWS FinTech

IWS FinTech focuses on next-generation technologies that will influence lives in the next decade. By collaborating with the world’s leading corporations through co-development and co-creation to support start-ups and SMEs, it seeks to introduce solutions that will facilitate business operations in the digital age and help organisations achieve sustained business growth via access to innovative technologies. From blockchain initiatives that expedite the digitalisation of business assets to the formulation of solutions that empower companies to tackle technological and organisational challenges, IWS FinTech provides businesses with opportunities to improve productivity, performances, and efficiency.

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