After receiving countless reports from customers that the manufacturers of their vintage watches would no longer provide repair services, Utah-based Times Ticking is filling the gap by announcing mail-in repairs, regardless of the age of the watch or how difficult the components are to find.

Times Ticking specializes in the repair of clocks and watches, with virtually no job too difficult or complex. They are announcing mail-in repair services of vintage watches that are no longer eligible to be serviced by the manufacturer.

Times Ticking started out as a local watch repair shop near Salt Lake City, Utah before extending its repair services to a broader audience.

“We were getting so many calls from people out of town telling us that no one could fix their older watches,” said Seth Thompson, Times Ticking team member. “We decided to focus our energies on mail-in repairs to help people preserve these treasured watches.”

Thompson said watch manufacturers often cite difficulty in finding parts as the reason for declining repairs of older watches. “It doesn’t pay for these big multinational companies to take on repairs that can be so intensive and time-consuming.”

Times Ticking, on the other hand, thrives on the challenge of fixing older watches and has cultivated a broad network of suppliers to help them get the needed components.

Even with slightly newer luxury watches, clients have complained about what the New York Times described in a 2020 article as the “Black Hole of Luxury Watch Repair,” referring to the disconcertingly long time manufacturers take to perform needed repairs. Thompson said

Times Ticking has distinguished itself by not only providing the most technical repairs but also performing them quickly.

Due to their ability to take on most any watch repair, Times Ticking has become a go-to shop for watch owners worldwide.

“We have clients from as far as South Africa, Australia, Japan, and Denmark mailing in items for repair because we are willing to fix watches that manufacturers won’t,” said Thompson. “If it ticks, we know it, and we can fix it promptly.”

Times Ticking’s technicians are Swiss-trained, and their specialties include vintage Rolex, Longines, Patek, and Bulova watch repairs. The company has been repairing watches and clocks for nearly four decades and boasts close to 900 Google reviews averaging 4.9 stars.

To find out more about Times Ticking’s mail-in repair services, visit or call (801) 991-1097.

About Times Ticking

Times Ticking specializes in watch repair. A trusted repair center for watches and clocks, their personalized customer service is what sets them apart.