Hopeitz Software Pvt. Ltd. works on market scenarios and public needs. It works in mobile apps development for more than 11 years and constantly provides services to clients.

And this time, Hopeitz is launching an android mobile app named – Dream Speaks, which works like dream interpretation app.

They have been working on this app for the last 9 months just to provide something extraordinary to audiences.

Their purpose is to help those who are disturbed in their daily life just because of their dreams. People who can’t sleep overnight due to fearful dreams, those who want to interpret the meaning of their dreams and want some relaxation in life can get help from Dream Speaks.

It’s a free mobile app that tells the real and internal meanings of dreams. It provides a brief elaboration of a dream.

The process of getting knowledge is to choose the correct type of dream.

It covers all the aspects of dreams that can happen.

Those who are worried and finding the meaning of their dreams, Dream Speaks app will provides relief to them.

This app is now available on Google Play Store for all android users.

Hopeitz Software Pvt. Ltd.

Neha Kumawat






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