Many cryptocurrencies are slowly losing gains recorded during the Q1 of 2021 as the crypto winter slowly approaches. The cryptocurrency market largely consolidated, with a few barely managing to break support levels. However, while many are making small gains, one token is gaining traction after it gained over 9000% in a matter of days. This token is none other than Baby Wolf created by Paolo Uy.

What is Baby Wolf?

Baby Moon Wolf (Baby Wolf) is a community-driven token based on the Binance Smart Chain launched for enabling decentralized finance (DeFi). Baby Wolf was created to give back to the community while providing the best token in the market. 

Baby Wolf, from conception, the token itself has been designed to protect its investors and help them grow their holdings in comfort.

Unlike other similar projects in the market, Baby Moon Wolf strives to re-establish its community. The project promises to redistribute 5% of all transactions to the community by rewarding long-term holders.

Another notable feature is that the project has renounced its contract, and it is available for anyone to review.

How Does Baby Wolf Function?

Baby Wolf is a BEP-20 coin with an Initial Supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000. From the initial supply, the project has already burned 84,744,330,000,000,000 (84.7% of the initial supply). The remaining 15.3% will be circulated among its users. As trading volume increases, more tokens will be burned due to the redistribution feature.

The launch of Baby Wolf was 100% fair and open for all. 100% of all coins were distributed freely and fairly to the community.

This is because the project did not have any presale, private sale, or Initial Coin Offering (ICO). In addition, the Baby Wolf project will not have a team wallet controlled by the developing team. This is a great security and reassurance benefit.   

Another feature that sets the project apart is that it uses the automatic liquidity poll algorithm (AutoLP) in its token contract. AutoLP allows the platform to collect 2% from each transaction and add it to the Liquidity Pool. The intended goal is to minimize price movements when large wallets decide to sell their tokens in the future, which, when compared to coins without an AutoLP system, reduces significant price fluctuations. Finally, it is worth noting that the Baby Wolf Liquidity pool is divided into two parts; the launch and the pool add with the initial pool burn already having taken place.

The Baby Wolf Vision & Project

Baby Wolf was created with a focus on the community. The project is planning to create a net of communities consisting of crypto-enthusiasts, developers, businesses, and influencers. Aiming to connect the crypto community to the real world and to help them find ways to make the most of the crypto-sphere. In the coming days, the project hopes to establish a strong and dedicated community, expand its team, and possibly launch some new platforms.

Currently, the platform is holding a giveaway event to raise funds for its Liquidity pool. The Baby Wolf giveaway will see 6 participants walk away with six brand new 2021 BMW cars. For each 0.1 BNB contribution, participants get 1 Ticket for the giveaway. The project will give away a BMW for every 200 BNB raised. The more contributions one makes, the higher one’s chances are of becoming a lucky winner. 

The Baby Wolf website reads in part:

“We’re raising funds for our liquidity pool by giving away six brand new BMW cars! To participate, all you have to do is donate at least 0.1 BNB to the donation address.”

Purchasing Baby Wolf

The Baby Wolf token is currently live on the Binance Smart Chain. The token address for Baby Wolf is 0x5b5a3a45002736413613b8a4c46cc0d9d1d6f4ae and goes by the ticker $BABYWOLF.

The Baby Wolf team has made it easier for users wishing to become ‘wolves.’ To buy the token, users can use the interface available on the Baby Wolf website. With full pancakeswap integration, BabyWolf has merged ease of purchase & simplicity all on page so users don’t have any hassle when purchasing. All one needs to do is first download MetaMask or use an existing wallet. Note: users using MetaMask must manually connect to the BSC network in the app settings. 

Alternatively, the buyer can manually purchase BabyWolf by going to, make sure the version is set to “V2” and connect their wallet. Once done, the buyer will need to navigate the trade section and swap and paste in the Baby Wolf address. Buyers should remember to adjust their slippage to 12% using the settings icon at the top right of the platform. Lastly, the buyer can proceed to purchase the Baby Wolf token. There are also other platforms made readily available for active trading that Users can use, such as, where the chart is made readily available when the buyer enters the contract address.

There’s 24/7/365 support available on the Baby Wolf Telegram and Discord channels, made up of both the Baby Wolf team and the community. The team is always happy to answer any questions or queries members may have.