BlueHelix Group (BHEX) has launched HDEX, the world’s first decentralized trading platform to support cross-chain deposit/withdrawals of any asset, on July 8, 15:00 (UTC+8). HDEX is the perfect landing for BlueHelix’ decentralized financial layout and will empower the BHEX centralized trading platform, BHEX Cloud SaaS and whitelabel solutions, and BHEX Chain, the ecological sectors of BlueHelix Group.

HDEX exchange is based on BHEX Chain technology, the patented Bluehelix decentralized private key generation technology. It overturns CEX and the traditional DEX model, supporting arbitrary linkage and trading among heterogeneous and homogeneous chains, and is fully compatible with various cross-chain technologies and standards, providing a technical foundation for HDEX to change the business logic of digital asset trading platforms.

Through HDEX, users can realize “decentralized and cross-chain safe asset deposit and withdrawal, the swap and circulation of any trading pair on-chain, and the rapid transfer of assets between any public chains, truly realizing a complete cross-chain DEX model.”

The innovation and integration of DEX + CEX
In the process of digital currency trading in a centralized exchange, the exchange is responsible for the entire transaction process such as custody of funds, providing liquidity, matching transactions, and delivery and clearing. The platform has the absolute right and controls the user’s asset security, users are in a weak position.

With the development of DeFi, DEX has risen rapidly, solving many problems of centralized exchanges: Asset ownership risk: Users do not need to hold assets in CEX, and assets will be under their own control; Regulatory risk: Unable to be supervised by government and not affected by policies; and Trading risk: Users do not need to worry about counterparty and transaction fraud and other issues.

DEX makes up for the deficiency of CEX and meets the actual needs of users. Currently, the market capitalization of some DEX platforms has surpassed CEX, along with the continuously growing trading volume and daily active users.

However, DEX in the market is built on a single public chain and deployed via smart contracts, such as Uniswap on Etherum, MDEX on HECO and Pancake on BSC, or the Layer2 mode on Etherum, such as Loopring and Zkswap, while it: Does not support swap between Native tokens and mainstream assets like BTC; Most are based on the AMM model but not OrderBook model; Low Asset trading efficiency and higher gas fees; Unable to realize the liquidity combination between cross-chain assets nor achieve liquidity sharing between DEXs.

HDEX has been committed to changing the existing problems of DEX and CEX since establishment, while perfectly integrating the advantages of the two. Through HDEX, users can share the liquidity and depth of any trading pair on any chain, enjoying the trading experience of a centralized exchange, with better user privacy and asset security.

HDEX also announces the Global Ambassador Recruitment Program, and we welcome all global partners to join. As a member of the BHEX ecosystem, HDEX is expecting a bright future with the full recourse, technology, and management support of the Bluehelix Group.

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