Dubai, UAE, 9 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, With the recent applications and social media platforms, it is very easy to create content and have it viewed by millions of people but making quality content comes at a price. This is where many content creators are restricted and are unable to successfully execute their ideas because they don’t have the finances to hire talent, rent equipment or even setup stage. Here is where MContent differs.This upcoming and unique platform, that is due to release its beta version in July 2021 and its fully functional app in January 2022. This is all about creating a collaborative workspace where the platform will assist content creators in carrying out their dream projects.

MContent is truly a unique platform where the likes of Netflix, YouTube and crowdfunding platforms are all combined into one powerful ecosystem, for content creators and backed by the power of blockchain. The creators of MContent like to call it a content-based ecosystem with seed funding for YouTubers, film makers or any kind of content creators. It helps put the artist’s work in front of a mass audience which can help the artists gain recognition and basking the appreciation whilst having ownership of the project and monetization opportunities like no other platform.

MContent platform will have five business lines – namely;

  1. M-Originals – Original series produced with the leading production companies and talent around the globe
  2. M-Seed – Seed funding for aspiring content creators
  3. M-Work – Freelancing and monetization platform for content creators
  4. M-Browse – Content viewing and monetization platform
  5. M-Trade – Buying and selling of created content

MContent generates revenue by becoming a self-sustaining blockchain platform. MContent has introduced a crypto-based system in the form of tokens which are backed by the power of blockchain, so that everyone will be able to buy & sell content on this platform. The creators of this system has given access to sponsors and investors around the globe, who will finance the projects of content creators during its primary stages. The content creators will be able to video their ‘elevator pitch’ and submit it to MContent. A thorough shortlisting process by the mentors and established film makers will help finalize the most deserving candidates for the seed fund and once shortlisted, the candidates will be judged by the community, the token holders and eventually awarded the funds to execute their dream projects.  

The financial assistance for each project will be varied, depending on whether it is an internet series, a short film or a feature length film. When the content creators actually release their final product to the general audience, they will receive tokens for their views. Every one hundred views will grant them a specific amount of tokens yet to be confirmed.

With its efforts to become a worldwide phenomenon, MContent has partnered with Villain Studios, a well-known production company based in the Netherlands. The two powerhouses are working together to co-produce their first MOriginals “El Salvador vs The World Bank” which is due to release in September 2021. This first major project for MContent is a crucial step on the platform to set its foundations whilst also giving the audience a hint of what is coming next from the platform. Not only is it a crowning glory for the creator behind this project but is a major boost in the right direction for MContent who will be expanding their partnerships with other major studios around the globe.

MContent also partnered with ArabGT, a leading automotive platform in the Middle East, that is well loved and has many subscribers on YouTube. MContent are producing more partnerships with leading content creators, production houses, film schools and influencers that will be announced in the coming months.

The MContent community members are diverse in cast and culture with their ideas which are very creative and different, hence offering a much-needed fresh perspective to the entertainment world. In times to come, this collaboration with artists from all over the world will enhance the level of content we consume daily and give way to different stories being told.

One of the best things about MContent is that it doesn’t restrict applicants from applying for funding and also has a facility for investors to participate in a project. The fact that it is accessible to all societies including underdeveloped countries, where content creators may not get enough opportunities locally to showcase their talents, speaks volumes of the hope and power that MContent has given its artists. Also, since MContent welcomes different outlooks it can be influential in making a whole new genre of film making.

The spirit of MContent to grow further is reflected in their plans for the future. In the coming months of 2021, MContent plans to increase their global popularity by reaching across the world, in heavy content consuming markets such as America, Africa, India, Middle East etc where entertainment and content creation already are a growing market.

The journey is just getting started.

About MContent

MContent is introducing “The World’s First Digital Content Marketplace” based on blockchain that aims to build a collaborative content ecosystem with the core purpose of seed funding, incubating and curating film makers and content producers around the World.

This platform will create direct financing and investments for deserving content creators, film professionals and media artists who have the talent but not the resources giving them access to global investors as well as a global audience.

In the long run, this platform aims to become a self-sustaining community driven ecosystem that will fuel the creation, trade, consumption, and production of content around the globe.

The team consists of a diverse group of multi-talented individuals with strong leadership profiles coming together to inspire a content revolution.

The sponsors behind MContent comprise of a group of established investors based in the UAE who have a vision to change the global content landscape in the years to come.