Dallas, Texas, 9 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The exponential expansion of devices, applications, and data cannot be coped with inherent designs, but companies must be flexible, skillful, and perform to satisfy these requirements through their IT environment.

Cloud computing has long been a solution to data and technology facing organizations, but its range of challenges has also arisen. In particular, problems about a large number of cloud solutions on the market and their actual influence on the demands of each given firm are ambiguous.

Cloud Consulting Services assist in addressing all this by selecting the correct Cloud solutions to integrate and optimize technology investments.

The significance of cloud computing is difficult to overestimate. It became the fundamental part of digital transformation from an exciting technology alternative in a few short years. But that does not imply that everyone understands it well because the cloud has become a part of the daily discussion. Bain has cooperated to incorporate cloud options into product development and marketing plans, M&A prospects, investment choices, and more with almost 200 firms from various sectors.

EES works with established and next-generation cloud technology businesses to foster their development and to assist their customers in thriving. It also works with financial sponsors who must assess the impact of the cloud on current and future investment. Our extensive knowledge guarantees that we can help you maximize the potential of any cloud promise.

Mission of EES

We aim to provide you with reasonable effort and little or no risk to experience digital transformation as a cloud consultant.

Our cloud consulting services are designed to bring actual business value to your cloud infrastructure, not an expense.

  • Scalability from day one
  • Built-in security
  • Compliance with industry-specific standards
  • Room for innovation

Cloud Consulting Services from EES

We have stayed at the vanguard of this cloud development, driving our clients towards the software-defined infrastructure paradigm and every benefit of cloud computing through the use of virtualized and converged infrastructure solutions.

EES works together with its customers to analyze the effect and potential of cloud computing from all conceivable views. Our experience in the cloud encompasses almost all sectors and geographical regions.

Our skilled cloud consultants can assist you in assessing whether these popular cloud solutions are practical and deploy them.

  • Converged and Hyper-converged infrastructure
  • Digital Transformation
  • Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC)
  • Virtualization
  • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions
  • Digital transformation
  • Analyze trends in user engagement.
  • Understand how cloud adoption and growth potential vary according to a market segment.
  • Assess which variables influence migration methods over the full range of cloud possibilities.
  • Explore user awareness and perspectives for crucial cloud providers that impact vendor selection and conversion rates.
  • Develop container and serverless computing optimization techniques, two upcoming developments with significant consequences for cloud computing.
  • Comprehending how the cloud changes channel strategy, margins, and opportunities.
  • And many more.

Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services, both public and private, are part of our spectrum of service offerings. We integrate all advantages, including dependability, scalability, efficiency, fact-finding, and hybrid cloud consulting services. Colocation Consulting Services is one of the main types of services we provide. We provide dependable rooms at the lowest cost, hybrid clouds, or wholesale solutions.

With our modular cloud consultation services, customers may incorporate complete business continuity and data protection services in their existing business models quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

EES additionally provides quicker, scalable, and accessible public cloud consultation services compared with the on-site infrastructure. We offer such services at a very affordable price and handle software and infrastructure efficiently on site.

To safeguard the company by preserving critical and sensitive files that your website or application requires and process the shared hosting and dedicated hosting on servers accordingly, we provide cloud backup consulting services and cloud server consulting services.

EES also provides the design, execution, and maintenance of next-generation Internet technology, IT, technology engineering, and financial technology services solutions.

EES consultancy services include cloud infrastructure, security infrastructure, core routing infrastructure, virtualization infrastructure, computing infrastructure, storage infrastructure, and defined software networking (SDN).

As a reputable security consultant, EES offers the most dependable and impeccable solutions on the market, ensuring networks security for your business by offering solutions such as cloud storage consulting, community consultation, and many more.

EES provides cloud solutions/IT consulting services for small and large organizations. EES provides available network services such as service infrastructure, service software, and virtualization through a complex global cloud platform data center.

Why work with EES?

Vendor-agnostic: We are not connected to a particular cloud platform provider. Therefore, we only use the cloud tools and technology that match your project and workflows.

Various skills: We provide cloud consultancy services and software for eCommerce, finance, healthcare, logistics, real estate, and many more sectors as a consulting firm with 10 or more years of expertise.

Niche-competent top cloud architects: With a team of 250 people, we provide experienced BAs, expected cloud solution architects, DevOps engineers, and R&D to cover shortages in expertise.

The track record has shown itself. We have done over 500 projects successfully and provided more than 150 pleased clients worldwide.

You can speak with any of our dedicated Cloud Consultants today by contacting us.

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