Parachills is legitimising the field of the paranormal and related studies to finally be seen as a professional scientific field.

Parachills Limited is a global investigative organisation that specifically investigates and studies the field of paranormal and UAP as well as offering addtional investigative services such as fortean, missing persons, cold cases and cyber bullying.

Parachills came to the scene publicly in July 2020 and have continued to grow globally since. Aside the range of free services that they offer, parachills have also introduced a licensing system meaning that members of the public have the option of obtaining a license under the paranormal and fortean fields to recognise professionalism and legitimacy.

Parachills have a wide range of highly skilled and highly experienced investigators as well as new members who are currently learning about their chosen field of studies.

“We pride ourselves on every bit of work that we do and every service that we are able to provide. We have gone from a small group based in the UK to a global success and we do not plan on slowing down any time soon.” Christopher Edgecombe – CEO.

Parachills sustains it’s members by using the sub brands that it currently offers and uses the finances to provide uniforms as well as other additional items that come as part of being with the company. Parachills also relies on the kindness of others by way of donations to which is put back towards the study of all investigative fields to help further reseach and investigate.

“Although this has been far from easy we are dedicated to providing the best possible service to the public but to do that we still need more room to grow and by doing so will allow us to take what we currently do to another level. Right now we have members in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia and we are still looking to expand even further.” Christopher Edgecombe – CEO

Parachills is always seeking new members who will bring their own unique experience and skills to the table so if you are interested in joining you can simply visit

There are also plans to offer a support program for those who suffer with mental health plus the soon to be released ‘ParaFund’ which will be a new grants program to help aid new investigators with equipment and resources needed to be able to work and study in this particular line of work.

Between members, Parachills has a huge wealth of experience in all areas that it offers and remains the first organisation of its type.

About Parachills Limited

Formed in April 2020 and released to the public in July 2020, Parachills have been at the heart of some of the most complex cases around the world and have been able to assist authorities with vital information.

Parachills investigates the fields of paranormal, UAP, fortean, missing persons, cold cases, private investigation and cyber abuse. With the exception of private investigation all parachills investigative services are free and will always remain free.

Parachills is also set to expand further with plans to release a support program for those who suffer with mental health both within the field and outside of it.