With the ability to deposit checks, bills and coins and make payments, o IMPACTV SSBK is a banking kiosk that stands out for full-service banking.

This check deposit kiosk allows customers to deposit multiple checks simply, quickly and intuitively.

Specially designed for conducting self-service transactions and payments, the banking kiosk for QATAR aims to provide a more pleasant experience for users.

SSBK kiosks are an inevitable reality to the evolution of banking and its proximity to customers, so there are several advantages that they bring:

– Uninterrupted service;

– Service close to the customer;

– Possibility of installing several services in a single kiosk;

– Reduction of operational costs;

– Attraction of more customers.

SSBK (Self-Service Banking Kiosks) interactive kiosks where customers carry out all banking operations autonomously, provide a unique experience with all the possibilities adapted to the context of each banking organization.

This platformÂ’s software allows the customer to be assisted or to remotely contact a banking assistant. This way, any financial service is available and assisted by professionals.

Present in more than 50 different countries, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS continues to take innovation Made In Portugal to the whole world, being a reference in the global market, with products and technological solutions for several market sectors and customizable according to the real needs of each project.

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The future is happening.

Photo: https://ibb.co/GJz7Wsy