Security measures at CFA Building


The following is issued on behalf of the Judiciary:

     The Judiciary today (July 9) announced that enhanced security measures will be implemented at the Court of Final Appeal Building (CFA Building) starting from July 12.

     “The introduction of enhanced security measures aims to help ensure the safety of judges and judicial officers, Judiciary staff and court users in the CFA Building,” a spokesman for the Judiciary said.

     Court users will be required to undergo security screening, including screening by metal detector and bag inspection, when entering the CFA Building. The Judiciary will deploy additional staff and security guards to provide guidance and assistance for court users.

     Out of security considerations, court users will not be allowed to bring water or drinks into the CFA Building upon implementation of the security screening. The Judiciary will provide drinking water and encourage court users to bring their own cups.

     The spokesman said, “We have taken into account all relevant matters including operational efficiency and the convenience of court users when implementing the security screening.”

     In implementing security screening in the CFA Building, the Judiciary will make every effort to minimise inconvenience caused to court users. However, it is inevitable that more time will be required for court users to gain access to courtrooms. The Judiciary urges the relevant parties and other court users to arrive at the CFA Building earlier, in particular during the peak hours in the mornings or after the lunch breaks.

     Security arrangements have been implemented on floors with courtrooms at the High Court Building, the Family Court and the Small Claims Tribunal. The relevant arrangements are planned to be extended to cover the whole West Kowloon Law Courts Building by the end of this year.