Midwest Motorcoach has the solutions you need to handle your company’s VIP transportation needs with ease.

Planning transportation for you and your associates doesn’t have to be difficult. There are ways to get these important members of your industry from one place to another easily, without giving up luxury and comfort. Midwest Motorcoach has the solutions you need to handle your company’s VIP transportation needs with ease. They have been serving Chicagoland and Southern Wisconsin companies and traveling groups with their luxury chartered transportation service for nearly 70 years.

If you are trying to organize travel to a training seminar or business convention, you want to make it as easy as possible for your group to reach their destination. If you have an important meeting to attend and you want everyone to arrive together, chartering transportation will ensure that no one is late or missed the meeting. You want everyone in your group to have a relaxing, smooth ride. Midwest Motorcoach will get everyone there on time in their reliable, comfortable, vehicles.

Midwest Motorcoach can handle transportation for your local and out-of-state trips. Their broad service area spans 14 states, ranging as far north as Minnesota all the way down to Florida. Their comfortable, reclining seats allow you to kick back and relax in their climate-controlled cabin as you travel. This fleet of well-equipped vehicles is perfect for your executive travel needs. This trusted charter service makes travel planning for your event simple and worry-free.

Midwest Motorcoach takes pride in safety and cleanliness when it comes to its chartered vehicles. Their professional drivers are fully trained, certified, and licensed to ensure that you reach your destination safely. All vehicles are well-maintained to keep them clean, luxurious, and reliable. Midwest Motorcoach offers multiple vehicle sizes, some including restrooms, to accommodate your VIP group’s travel needs.

The spacious 55 passenger coaches have enough room for everyone. There are overhead storage compartments for the safekeeping of briefcases, computers, equipment, or luggage while your group rides. The excellent heating and cooling systems onboard these motorcoaches will keep the temperature comfortable throughout the trip, no matter the season. If you still need to finish up a few things before you get to the big meeting, ask Midwest Motorcoach about their Wifi enabled options. Your employees can stay connected and keep working along the way.

There are other options for smaller groups or shorter trips as well. Midwest Motorcoach has several mini-coaches available. These vehicles can accommodate from 14 up to 31 passengers. They are great for local trips and events. Offering a mini-coach for everyone to get to a trade show could lead to a better turnout and experience overall. Driving can be very stressful. Being able to let someone else worry about that can be a big relief. Show your employees and associates that you care about their comfort when you travel with Midwest Motorcoach’s corporate transportation options.

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