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About Harry Winograd

Harry Winograd is a Principal with Bodker, Ramsey, Andrews, Winograd & Wildstein, P.C. in Atlanta. He concentrates on business litigation and trial practice. He has represented clients in sixteen states, appearing in both state and federal courts and arbitration. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Emory University School of Law in the Kessler-Eidson Trial Techniques Program. Harry uses his experience to develop effective solutions to the most complex, difficult and often contentious business arrangements. Harry co-authors the authoritative legal resource book “Georgia Business Litigation” in which he covers “Limited Liability Company and Partnership Litigation.” His practice focus is business disputes, data and e discovery, damages in commercial litigation, restrictive covenants, and trade secrets.

About Bodker, Ramsey, Andrews, Winograd & Wildstein, P.C.

Bodker, Ramsey, Andrews, Winograd & Wildstein, P.C. is a full-service law firm based in Atlanta, providing a wide range of litigation and business services since 1986. The Firm’s clients cover the spectrum from publicly traded companies to individuals and entrepreneurial start-ups over a diverse field of industries that include: manufacturing, logistics, media and technology, medical and professional services, banking and finance, construction, and real estate development. In 2020, the Firm’s attorneys founded the Privacy & Cybersecurity Law Section of the Atlanta Bar.


As the world develops and distributes safe and effective vaccines against COVID-19, the pharmaceutical industry is confronted with additional trade secrets protection challenges. Issues include the increased the burdens of protecting their assets, the immense level of R&D, the substantial impact of remote work, and COVID-related legal restrictions. Pharmaceutical companies must implement effective trade secrets protection strategies to manage threats amidst this crisis.

In this LIVE Webcast, a panel of thought leaders and professionals brought together by The Knowledge Group will provide the audience with an in-depth discussion of trade secrets protection in the pharmaceutical industry. Speakers will present important issues concerning this topic and will provide essential practices needed in this time of uncertainty.

Some of the major topics that will be covered in this course are:

• Trade Secret Protection in General and in the Biotech, Life Science and Pharmaceutical Industry in Particular

• Recent Trends and Developments

• Common Risks Issues and Challenges

• Employee Mobility Threat to Trade Secrets

• Best Practices to Protect Trade Secrets during Litigation

• Outlook

About The Knowledge Group

Founded in November 2006, The Knowledge Group has been at the forefront of providing quality continuing education programs for lawyers, accountants, financial executives, risk and compliance specialists, human resources professionals, technology officers, and business consultants in a wide range of industries.

The Knowledge Group strives to be the best-in-class provider of continuing education by bringing forth relevant content you can’t get anywhere else.