Hilary Bee is a millennial astrology coach helping high-achieving women break free from imposter syndrome, career overload, and general burnout.

Some freedom fighters give their lives for their cause; others, to their cause. In the second group we find Hilary Bee. Her cause is simple: empower high-achieving women to graduate from imposter syndrome, forever. 

Hilary Bee is the founder of ASTROLOBEE LLC, and a millennial astrology coach helping high-achieving women break free from imposter syndrome, career overload, and general burnout. 

Since 2015, Hilary Bee has been on a mission to simplify astrology, bringing real insights to real people. She is a talented leader who has experience across different business sectors, having worked as a Fortune 500 client manager to some of the world’s wealthiest people; an author publishing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry; a project manager responsible for bringing in $2.2 billion in new assets; and an award-winning English teacher. When asked about her diverse career background and how that informs her present work, Hilary explains “All of that hustle, struggle, and gritty experience taught me three things about high-achieving women. They struggle with a lack of belief in the value they bring (called overachiever anxiety or imposter syndrome.) They feel disconnected from their intuition – meaning they second-guess decisions they’re making, furthering the anxiety spiral. Finally – often even those who love the work they are doing feel burnt out, continually pressured to do or achieve more, to change themselves in some way so that they can meet the next ‘ideal’ goal. High-achieving women are often surrounded by a self-improvement vortex that generates shame and discouragement along with burnout. I’m determined to change this typical experience using a non-typical solution – astrology.” 

In her role as an astrologer, Hilary Bee has empowered dozens of women to break free of imposter syndrome and chronic anxiety while cultivating more meaningful personal relationships. Part of this process includes drastically reducing related exhaustion and burnout by helping high-achieving women reconnect with their inner worth and value, and then use those insights to cultivate high-value, low-pressure relationships. The key outcomes of eliminating imposter syndrome and empowering creative, resourceful, powerful women have always been Hilary Bee’s primary aim.

As an astrology expert, Hilary believes that imposter syndrome manifests in key behavioral traits—including chronic anxiety—but generates from a lack of belief in one’s underlying value. She explains that this “value” is outlined in your natal chart at birth: “It’s an inherent, unique belief structure that can be mapped using astrology. Many high-achieving women struggle with imposter syndrome because they don’t find inherent value in the work they are doing, despite having achieved many of the hallmarks of career success. It’s not necessary to start over, to achieve more, or to do something completely new to feel successful – often, it’s a simple alignment shift.” 

While other astrologers focus strictly on family or behavioral causes, Hilary explains that, in her experience, many manifestations of imposter syndrome result from a lack of alignment between this inherent belief “pattern” mapped in someone’s natal chart, and their experience of “success” as defined by external factors (salary, social status, and job title, among others.) 

External factors can also play a huge role in fostering imposter syndrome – things like a negative work environment or “exclusionary” practices in social settings play a major role in encouraging those impostor feelings. Social studies back this up, showing that “The more people who look or sound like you, the more confident and important you feel.” Hilary’s goal is to empower women so that, regardless of the external factors, the internal pressure of imposter syndrome doesn’t materialize. 

Hilary Bee is going to be launching a new program called the Miracle Maker Matrix – this will be a group coaching vortex with the primary aim of empowering high-achieving women that are currently “stuck” in dealing with imposter syndrome, burnout, chronic anxiety and exhaustion, and relationship frustrations. 

If any reader is interested in this coaching program, they can book a free consultation call at https://calendly.com/astrolobee/30min

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