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1. Cafe De Conta launched its first container cafe.

2. Cafe De Conta offers franchise next month onwards.

Pune, Maharashtra: Cafe De Conta launched India’s first rooftop container cafe well known for its eco-friendly services. This is their first rooftop cafe implanted towards success located in the hills of NIBM ANNEX forest area on Cloud 9 Road, Pune. This cafe is equipped with electrical appliances thus gets a fire license easily to operate in India. It is safe and less smoky compared to appliances that run on gas. Cafe De Conta offers 30 different types of extraordinary beverages and 40 different types of mouth-watering cuisines from morning meals to dinner. This cafe is India’s first plug n play rooftop container cafe. And also available for a date, birthday or kitty party, company picnic, and other special events.

Cafe de conta offers employees work from the cafe for an entire day with exclusive meal packages.

The founder of Cafe De Conta Vikash Kumar Banerjee said ” The idea behind Cafe De Conta is that India has no such eco-friendly QSR’s model available, introducing first of its kind with Cafe De Conta will certainly change the way QSRs operate”. He also added that he has the idea to generate electricity used in the cafe through solar panels to make it more viable and eco-friendly.

“I don’t want to be famous. I like to be able to sit in a cafe and watch the world go by and observe people.” Sophia Myles

Why choose Cafe De Conta?

1. Diversified menu

2. Environmentally friendly

3. Budget-friendly

4. Take it wherever you want

5. Run-on electricity

6. Low maintenance

7. Close to nature.

Franchise in Cafe De Conta

This startup opens franchises next month onwards. In Cafe De Conta a franchisee has the freedom to have almost zero participating models. Cafe De Conta’s full setup franchise cost is quite affordable compared to others. And this is the first asset-based franchise model, once you own it, the container is all yours for your entire life with all setup.

Cafe De Conta offers franchise in two models:

1. A 20 ft rooftop container

This only takes around 30-60 days to install.

2. A 40 ft rooftop container

This only takes around 40-60 days to install.

A franchisee of Cafe De Conta has both pre-opening support and post-opening support. Dedicated project manager assists the franchisee with site selection, Cafe De Conta provides plug n play setup, pre-launch stocks, team hiring and training, and pre-launch marketing in pre-opening support. As post-opening support, their expert operation team provides handholding support for the entire franchising tenure.

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” Ayn Rand

Work, Eat, and Chill

Cafe De Conta

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