NEW YORK, NY, June 19, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — With so many choices on the market today, weighing your options between various types of memory foam mattress toppers can feel overwhelming. We’re here to explain how memory foam works and why it’s a great choice when looking to improve the comfort of your existing mattress.

Maxzzz has put an extensive amount of time into researching and creating the best products for sleep health. We aim to help you weigh your options and decide which is best for you, even if that means it’s not our product— however, we stand by our Maxzzz memory foam toppers and believe they can provide a variety of individuals with fantastic rest.

Below you’ll learn what makes memory foam an excellent material to sleep on, how it’s created, and the options Maxzzz can provide to help you dream easily.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam has become enormously popular in recent decades due to its soft, plush nature and ability to provide quality comfort to a high number of sleepers. However, not all memory foams are created equal, and there are a variety of ways it can provide different specifications.

Memory foam was initially made for seating in airplanes and has multiple uses in the commercial and medical spheres, like cushioning in shoes, seating pads, and prosthetic limbs. Where it’s made the most impact, however, is in the sleep world because its soft texture and responsive touch make it excellent for sleeping.

Traditional memory foam is made with a few layers. In the bottom layer of what most of us consider “memory foam” to be, you’ll typically find high-density PU foam, topped with bonded foam, with memory foam on top.

Cooling memory foam works differently with a slight variation to the original structure. You’ll often find high-density PU foam on the bottom, followed by ventilated cooling foam and memory foam infused with charcoal for additional cooling capabilities.

Memory foam can also be infused with gel to help with cooling as well. This type contains regular foam on the bottom, with gel-infused memory foam on top—the gel beads bond with the foam and helps to diffuse heat.

How do memory foam mattress toppers work?

Memory foams come in a variety of types to satisfy various needs in different sleepers. For example, some individuals need more pressure relief to soothe achy joints or trouble areas, and some require a bit more support to maintain spinal alignment. Typically, side sleepers prefer softer beds; they often need more pressure relief since they rest on a more narrow surface area. Whereas back and stomach sleepers often prefer firmer mattresses for optimal back support.

Most of the time, the higher the density, the more supportive and firmer a bed will be, and typically the more expensive a mattress is as well. As a basic guide, 40kg is considered relatively low density, and 80kg is relatively high. However, most individuals are happy with a medium density of about 60kg, and these beds and toppers are usually reasonably priced.

Memory foam works to support your body by responding to heat and pressure by evenly dispersing body weight; once you get out of bed, releasing the tension, it returns to its original form. Due to its responsive nature, the material is excellent in providing pressure relief in sore areas like the hips and shoulders, and firmer types are still great for providing quality support in the lower back regions.

While memory foam is excellent for comfort, it can retain heat, which is why Maxzzz has created memory foam mattress toppers with unique cooling capabilities to combat this issue. By infusing gel, copper, and other elements into our products, we’ve managed to create specialized mattress toppers to help keep you cool through warm nights.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of Maxzzz memory foam toppers to decide which is best for your sleep style.

How to choose a memory foam mattress topper?

Knowing how to pick the best product for your needs begins with understanding your sleep style. You’ll want to notice the position in which you fall asleep and the position in which you wake up. If you sleep next to a partner, it could be helpful to ask them how they notice you sleeping, as sometimes it’s difficult to know what we do while we’re unconscious.

Side sleepers

Side sleepers typically prefer softer beds because their weight is resting on a more narrow surface area— their sides. In addition, side sleepers often enjoy more plush mattresses because the pressure relief a softer bed can offer helps alleviate hip and shoulder pain— common problem areas for side sleepers. Memory foam mattress toppers excel in this arena as their plush construction is excellent for providing soothing relief in achy regions.

Maxzzz 3-Inch Bamboo Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Topper is designed to keep you cool and relieve back pain in those painful trouble areas. The soft bamboo material helps to absorb sweat and odors and regulate heat.

Back and stomach sleepers

Back and stomach sleepers rest their weight in a broader area, their back or front. Individuals often put more strain on their lower back when sleeping in these positions, as most of our weight tends to collect around the hip region, pulling our spines out of alignment. Higher-density memory foam mattress toppers should be great for providing additional firmness to a bed to provide proper spine alignment during the night.

Maxzzz 7-Zone Gel Infused Mattress topper is made with high-density memory foam to better support your spine for proper alignment all night long. The substantial construction of this product helps to adequately lift your body to relieve pressure. In addition, the mattress topper includes a unique decompression design for more comfort and a 7-zoned construction for optimal pressure relief and support.

FAQ About Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

What thickness mattress topper should I get?

Those who sleep on their sides often require more plush cushioning for a greater degree of pressure relief. In addition, side sleepers’ weight is typically concentrated on narrower surfaces like the hips and shoulders, as these areas hut out further than the waist, for example, and therefore can grow achy after long periods. We recommend individuals opt for a thicker mattress topper like a 3-inch mattress topper to maximize the plushness to soothe these achy spots.

Back and stomach sleepers don’t usually need as thick of a mattress topper to find comfort. In fact, because these individuals often experience more significant pain in their lower backs and need a thinner topper to maintain support and spine alignment. We recommend a firmer, thinner design to provide adequate support.

Can memory foam toppers cause back pain?

Occasionally memory foam toppers can cause back pain if you’re sleeping on a particularly thick topper with little to no support. None of Maxzzz’s topper should cause pain as they’re likely wouldn’t be thick or flimsy enough to lack support. However, each body is unique, which is why we offer limited trials to ensure you pick the right product.

From over 38 years now Maxzzz has helped people all around the world get spectacular sleep. By providing our customers with comfortable, supported sleeping aids we hope to encourage good sleep on a global scale. Mattress by mattress, topper by topper, pillow by pillow, we’re sharing the joy of good sleep with everyone who needs it.