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The Closet Works also supports their community by collecting gently-used clothing from customers and donating them to two local organizations The Wardrobe in Lansdowne, PA and Our Closet in Springfield, PA. The Wardrobe states, “Clothing combined with personalized support helps 5,000 people a year look and feel their best to move forward in their lives.” Customers through The Closet Works can donate clothing they no longer need and have it picked up during their project installation. Over the past month, clients even received an additional 5% off the retail price of their home organization system when donating a bag of clothing items. Sal Graci, the Marketing Manager from The Closet Works states, “it is perfect opportunity for our customers to declutter and give those articles of clothing they no longer need or wear new life by giving to someone who can really benefit from the donation”.

The Closet Works will continue to look for creative and new opportunities to help those within the community who are most in need. Now celebrating their 30 year anniversary, The Closet Works truly appreciates the support of local community which allows them to do what they love the most, help people organize their life beautifully and affordably.