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As part of its initial rollout project “Mollerusa SmartLab” backed by the Generalitat of Catalonia, the city of Mollerussa-Spain, signs an agreement with Berlin-based company, Solar Outdoor Media and becomes the first city in the region to deploy the Smart Waste Solar Wi-Fi Eco Bin, having a successful presence and feedbacks during Mollerussa’s fair.

Ms. Mariona Asensio and Mr. Victor Vila, acting as a representative of Solar Outdoor Media, highlighted the benefits of the Solar Wifi Eco Bin, which involves the optimization of waste collection routes and the frequency, which translates into a reduction of logistics costs and carbon emissions, this is possible for the use of smart sensors in each bin to allow its monitoring and help with city digitalization.

This experience of learning about Smart Waste Management, Sustainable Advertising, and Circular economy during the fair, resulted in a new big share step for the city of Mollerussa into their vision to become a smarter and greener city.

About Solar Outdoor Media & Solar Wifi Eco Bin: A Berlin-based international award-winning big data driven smart waste management green technology company. In essence, use IOT sensors, algorithms, and data analytics to reduce waste pick and route optimization costs up to 30%, on waste management and recycling and lower up to 60% on carbon emissions, powered by solar energy and collect data on product consumption and wastage optimization. The Solar-powered interactive smart recycling Bins feature either static or digital Sustainable Advertising DOOH displays, also a citizen app and all units provide free Wi-Fi and USB for mobile device charges to anyone in the vicinity that logs into SWEB network.