MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, June 06, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — DAFEX is a global professional financial technology service provider, with goals in leading the revolution towards the new era. Its digital wealth management mechanism has paved the wave for finance creating a new era of finance. DAFEX is committed to researching and developing innovative technologies of artificial intelligence and blockchain for many years, so that users can execute stable and transparent financial derivatives transactions with the assistance of AIT 3.0.

Today, let’s understand the three key points in AIT 3.0’s artificial intelligence technology, which includes post-Renaissance artificial neural networks, machine learning and natural language processing that rely on huge amounts of data. These three technologies are also at the helm of the reversal of the new era. AIT3.0 makes it easier to integrate traditional financial transaction models with technology and build a trading platform that meets the high international standards.

The advent of this technological boom is the inspiration of innovation. DAFEX has never stopped in its research of artificial intelligence technology, which is the fundamental way of making computers intelligent. It provides basic automation system support in AIT3.0. This calculation method is mainly adjusted by collecting a large amount of raw data and standard answers and training data and selecting the corresponding to mathematical model. At the same time, based on the comparison and calculation of the verification data, the results are classified to determine whether the model is suitable for prediction or classification, so that the users of AIT3.0 can obtain more accurate analytical results.

Deep learning is a branch of machine learning as well as the current mainstream of machine learning development. The concept of deep learning is mainly an artificial neural network with a complex multi-layer structure, and the function is transformed into multiple non-linearities to increase the ability of highly abstract data and memory data. It is also an important research core in the field of artificial intelligence. Simply put, an artificial neural network simulates the operation of biological neurons with mathematical functions, and converts the output responses according to the weight of different inputs.

In summary, DAFEX’s artificial intelligence trading system – AIT3.0 has matured immensely after three years of research and development, and its intellectual improvements have exceeded conventional human reasoning, knowledge, planning, memory in a matter of seconds. Through the accurate analysis of the market trends of various financial markets by AIT3.0, we can provide investors with professional financial investment strategies. At the same time, we will also provide the most suitable investment strategies for users according to the objective conditions of each user and automatically carry out corresponding executions, allowing investors to create sustainable income in the vast financial markets.

DAFEX places great importance to the mission of artificial intelligence technology development and reformation of the era, and is committed to creating the most advanced artificial intelligence trading system in efforts to upgrade your trading experience to a new level of automation. AIT 3.0 is your trading-navigational-best friend!