KnokKnok ignites spontaneous, real-life socializing with their new mobile app now available on the Apple App Store.

Alluja LLC today announced the launch of their mobile app, KnokKnok, available for iOS. KnokKnok, the vanishing invite app, allows users to send text invites to groups of friends while ensuring that only a limited number of friends can accept.   Once the target number of RSVPs is reached, the invite disappears and remaining friends will not know the subject or the host of the invite; only that they missed their chance.

Hailed as “Snapchat meets Evite”, KnokKnok is designed for everyone who has ever struggled to determine who they should text for a spontaneous activity, or who wished they could recall a text invite that wasn’t promptly responded to. KnokKnok creates a world where you can always know which of your friends are available and in the mood to get together, without having to text one-by-one or risk large crowds with group messages. KnokKnok invites are a “digital flare” to your friend network, the first ones to respond are in, and for the rest, the digital flare is withdrawn; no explanation necessary. 

In addition to being efficient, KnokKnok has a fun factor; the race to opt-in before the opportunity disappears.  KnokKnok mixes up predictable friend circles by encouraging extension of invites to larger networks, fostering diversity and new experiences.  For those that have friends that don’t get along, KnokKnok has a unique cross-block feature, where if one of a blocked pair accepts, the invite auto-closes for the other.  KnokKnok also supports individual, group and unique auto-created event-based chats.

“Plans are great, but half the time, I’m not sure that I will be in the frame of mind to host or do something another day.” said Amy Hogan, Alluja co-founder.  “Before KnokKnok it was almost impossible to align people at the last minute without so much complexity and overhead, it made it not worth it. Now we can embrace the moment and easily find like-minded friends to do the same.”

KnokKnok brings a fresh perspective to the market. KnokKnok has a forever free version or can be upgraded for additional features.

About Alluja LLC

Alluja LLC develops innovative solutions in technology and consumer products. KnokKnok was developed by Jack Hogan, Alluja CTO and a high school student.