London, UK, 31 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, CFX Quantum came into existence when Marco Mottana, an expert in financial management and analysis decided to onboard his more than thirty years of experience in creating innovative solutions that will alter the way things are done in the financial markets, especially in the crypto, Forex and bonds realm.

For optimum performance to be achieved in the aforementioned volatile markets, some major pillars have to be acknowledged.

• Increase the percentage of winning transactions,

• Single trade losses < Single trade winnings, and

•Maximum risk optimization.

CFX and Decentralized Finance

The CFX ecosystem is the epitome of decentralized finance because the financial management is shared by everyone, from the investors, traders down to the managers. DeFi functionalities that can be seen on CFX are numerous and increasing daily.

• Unique Arbitrage Trading System

CFX partnered with technological geniuses in Fujitsu to create a unique arbitrage trading system that levels the playing ground for individual investors.

ZEROONE is an arbitrage system, offering the maximum possible results at zero/ near-zero risks, which makes it more advanced than what is achievable in the market. The zero operational risks discussed here cover the risks of regular events and do not remove the risks that are linked to unnatural events. Users can easily enjoy the returns that are linked to crypto, Forex, and bonds markets.

ZEROONE is easy to use by everyone and company, as it takes a short period to open it. Those that stake the ZEROONE stable coin will bask in rewards that are greater than what is obtainable in the banking realm. A perk of DeFi.

• CFX’s Neobank

CFX’s Neobank screams of decentralization, as it is partnering with Optherium to bring the best banking services to users. The Neobank has payment channel that works effectively for both fiat and cryptocurrencies, thereby bridging the world of traditional finance and DeFi. Mobile compatibility is important to the team and that is why the dApp possesses a seamless user interface easy enough to be used by anyone. Domestic and International transactions are done in the same app without stress. The latter that used to be a Herculean task for traditional banking platforms is achieved in a twinkle of any eye with CFX’s Neobank. To ensure that its users can carry out transactions all over the world, the debit card issued is the Mastercard variant.

• CFX’s Decentralized Referral System

CFX ecosystem screams of decentralization, and it is noticeable in its referral system. Every serious DeFi ecosystem understands the incredible perks that come with partnering with an astute marketing team. CFX opted for ATS Sharing, a professional digital marketing team with ties to the DeFi realm. The collaboration, though a new one, has successfully onboarded more than fifty thousand users in Italy, where CFX was initially launched. This DeFi ecosystem opted for a referral marketing system in a bid to reward its users that onboard other users. CFX’s intriguing features may be innovative enough to do the talking for the ecosystem, but the team thought it wise to reward users that decide to spread the good news.

With the referral system, users will also be required for helping newcomers understand the intricacies of the ecosystem. In reality, this is the foundation of a DeFi ecosystem, where users help one another.

The SURF Proprietary Fund

In the long run, CFX will launch the SURF, which is a proprietary Investment Fund that will change the world, one person at a time. The SURF is the first ever Fund that will not only manage the typical clients, but will also effectively manage a lot of funds dedicated to those living in abject poverty in underdeveloped countries. Regularly, a part of the poorest in underdeveloped countries will be given a non-withdrawable starting capital, which will earn returns for them. The returns will go a long way to lift them up from poverty, while having a second-hand effect on others around them.

When the SURF Proprietary Fund is implemented, CFX’s major philosophy will be achieved, which is ‘not accumulating a fortune for itself, but to generate a fortune to share it with everyone, excluding no one.’

New Solutions

CFX ecosystem will be besieged with innovative solutions that are unseen anywhere else. As time goes on, these solutions will be effective in Forex, Bond, and Equity markets.