Finding one meaning in life has always been a soul-searching journey as to find one’s purpose is the moment one truly begins to live one life. The answer to this search comes clear as day when one slows down and takes their time reading and learning the words of God. Afterward, one’s purpose in life comes blatantly clear and that is to serve the Lord and follow His plans for us his children.

In “How Blessed You Are In God’s Promise” author Barney Reese shares to his fellow man the promises God has made to every one of his children and how the Lord creates a path forward for his people despite any obstacles. It comes as no surprise that learning of such wondrous news that this book is excellent in providing relief from depressive effects and encouraging readers to become shining examples of God’s greatness.

How Blessed You Are In God’s Promises
Written by: Barney Reese
Paperback: $25.93

Copies of this inspirational book are available on Amazon and a variety of other online book retailers. Read its content and feel the Lord guide your path and provide you with blessings come more frequently in your life.
About the Author
Barney Sol Reese Jr. was born on November 13, 1971, in Chunky Mississippi. He has one brother and four sisters from separate fathers, but he left when he was seven days old and was raised in Ozark Alabama. He has two children from previous marriages: a son and a stepdaughter.

He is currently employed as a Civilian by Vertex Aerospace at the Navy Air Station in Meridian, Mississippi. He also owns Reese Auto Sales and Repair Center, which he established in October 2008.