By: Garry J. Peterson

Stargate Earth series book covers.

Stargate Earth series book covers.

PALM COAST, Fla.May 18, 2021PRLog — Local author, Garry J. Peterson, is a multi-genre, multi-volume author of several books, both fiction and non-fiction, following a successful career in international corporate management. His most recent non-fiction book is a how-to business book, Who Put Me in CHARGE? Garry has also completed a companion Implementation Guide for this book, Getting to the NEXT LEVEL.

As a former consultant and business coach, Garry now spends his time writing hard science fiction thrillers, adult romance novels, and conducting both motivational and subject matter speaking engagements.

Garry has written over 300 trade journal articles, white papers, client presentations, and website content. He has given commencement addresses and public service keynote speeches.

He has a passion for hard science fiction and weaves personal stories, humor, and visionary spiritual thinking into his writings. The existence of alien life on planet Earth has been discussed and argued for centuries. The ancient alien theory phenomenon is now well established as one of the fiercest debates known today, joining politics and religion, with both sides enjoying their “sell” from classrooms to family barbeques.

Garry’s current project is a five-book science fiction thriller series, Stargate Earth, an epic series providing readers with an alarming vision of an apocalyptic future. Then, despite evil aliens, Garry creates a unified and holistic transformation of aliens and humans into an alliance to save humanity.

Warriors of the Galaxy is book three in this series, recently published in April, 2021, following book one, Shattered Truth, published in October, 2019, and book two, Alien Disruption, published in April, 2020. Book four, Battlestar Earth, will be released in late 2021.

In the Stargate Earth series, Sara didn’t start out expecting to change the world; she inherited it from her dad and grandad. Early in life, Sara thought her family was pretty weird, and there were plenty of signs to prove it. Incidents through the years, seemed to suggest that Grandad had, indeed, come across compelling evidence that alien presence was real. Informed speculation was now irrefutable fact.

Now, Sara Steele has become the Warrior Princess, and, together with a strong team of outliers and overachievers, enters an unknown future, built on a disruptive present, following an inaccessible past!

Garry follows a writing principle to guide his creativity via a quote from Tom Clancy, “The difference between reality and fiction is… fiction needs to make sense.”

Garry’s most recent writing project is Sharks in the City, an erotic romance thriller involving five amazing, professional and highly successful San Francisco women, and how they deal with the Sharks, or men behaving badly. This novel is due to be released in June, 2021.

All of his books have been published by Robert D. Reed Publishers:

Garry is currently in talks with the LA film industry, concerning a movie or streaming event for both Warriors of the Galaxy, and Sharks in the City.

Garry’s books are available as paperback or eBooks, from the publisher, or at Barnes & Noble, Amazon or wherever books are sold. You can contact Garry directly for an autographed copy.

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