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This new advanced functionality just launched by TEB is called ‘My Diary’ in the system. The diary feature is used by team members to see the actionable items like opportunities needed to be monitored or bills and payments that need follow-ups. It can be sorted into categories for a better organisation of data depending on the needs of the business. It also has integrated access wherein team members can view data directly within the diary whether it’s from the sales pipeline or the overall business health checks.

The diary feature was created by TEB to reflect the way team members work. When team members log in, they can pick up in the diary their daily list of calls, emails, and other appointments to follow up on. They can manage time-sensitive tasks like contractual projects to look into.

With TEB’s ‘My Diary’ feature, team members will understand in a bird’s eye view what they needs to be done on a daily basis and will be able to manage them effectively.

TEBillion was inspired to create this diary feature based on customer surveys as a way of consistently improving the user experience of its products. TEB is confident that this feature will result in an increase in productivity in the workplace, an essential ingredient in achieving business goals.

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