Mango Animate will launch a brand new software program with top-notch kinetic typography video functions, equipped to promptly modify the text into videos along with advanced creative options. The kinetic typography video maker allows users to design beautiful text animations at no cost, though paid versions are available which offer additional templates, icons, and character animations to utilize.

This kinetic typography video service is anticipated to further help users deliver their messages in a bright, engaging, and effective manner. Users can get started with ease by downloading the free version or make it easier to begin projects with the paid version which provides even more templates, icons, and effects to incorporate into video endeavors.

A key benefit posed by this new kinetic typography video service is the simplicity and ease of use, which allows customers to produce visually appealing videos without any preceding design knowledge. With its combination of easy-to-use functionality and advanced imagery, this new product is considered a groundbreaking method for producing creative projects. Inputted text is instantly matched with a fitting voice-over pattern upon uploading textual content, and additional customization is possible with the varied voice options.

The kinetic typography video maker begins with selecting a fitting template for the given project. Then, users are able to import their text for video conversion. The animation phase comes only after the conversion takes place, allowing users to modify their projects by adding effects, icons, characters, intros, and outros specific to their needs. Once the text is added, voice-overs are applied, and customization has taken place, the content is ready for social distribution to channels such as Instagram and TikTok.

Ivan Leung, the CTO of Mango Animate has made his statement regarding this amazing software, “Kinetic typography video is a beautifully simple method of presentation, and with our affordable options, users are sure to enjoy the low-cost creative capabilities that this service can carry out.”

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About Mango Animate

Mango Animate is a young and innovative animation video and gif maker, full of creativity and passion for fun and lively animated videos. Packed with a rich library of free media and templates, Mango Animate offers ready-to-go tools and elements to create stunning animated videos for any use, from education to marketing, appealing to all age groups. The software is dedicated to making video creation more accessible to everyone.