PractEdge School Of Conceptual Learning is the first school in India to teach school level curriculum based on conceptual learning.

Students at PractEdge Schools are directly exposed to practical knowledge in such a way that they easily understand and remember the concepts of subjects. Traditionally, students in India are used to mug up answers (also called rote learning).

According to a survey, most of the students who mug up answers forget them after 3 days. However, students who learn through conceptual learning will always remember the answers even after a number of years.

PractEdge is currently offering online classes (state syllabus) to classes from 1st to 5th. The correspondent Ashwini has said that, in future they will be implementing conceptual learning to students up to class 10th and also establish 12th, Bachelors and Masters courses with the same concept.

It is exciting news to students, as it will save their time, energy, stress and make education enjoyable. Let’s look forward to this institution and hope it brings revolution in conceptual learning and spread this concept across every school in India.

PractEdge is growing as one of the best schools in Attapur, Hyderabad as of now and providing online classes, tuitions for students across India. It also encourages home schooling and teaches such students in a fun and easy way.