The music industry is a very difficult web to navigate for artists, producers, engineers and everyone else associated. People and companies offering the world and back to independent artists but the stories almost always seem too good to be true. Aloor, YEROC, and Adrian Chafer came together to create NOGXNRE for that very reason. The first collective of its kind, NOGXNRE is a producer-focused collective providing label services, event services, and educational tools to producers in ALL genres of music. With an extensive network of influencers and strategic marketing partners, NOGXNRE is working backwards. With the visibility essentially guaranteed, the collective is focusing fully on creating amazing music and pioneering the next generation of producer artists.

We had a chance to interview Aloor, one of the founders of the label and talk a bit more about how this label came to be.

What made you start this label?

“Honestly, frustration. Our group of friends who are all primarily producers had produced, mixed, and wrote on some really incredible songs that were poorly executed. We got frustrated with people over-promising and under-delivering. We decided that if we wanted to truly oversee a project to its whole potential, we had to do it ourselves.”

So tell me about the name NOGXNRE

“It was pretty difficult coming up with a name for the collective. We knew we wanted to start one but we couldn’t come up with the name. We kept saying “we have no genre” whenever people would ask us what kind of music we made and eventually it just stuck.”

What things can we expect from NOGXNRE this year?

“Oh, wow, so much honestly. We have a lot of really great projects coming out in Reggae, Latin, and Urban. We just hosted our first Latin event called TRAVESURA which was a success! We are also beginning an after school program to teach kids how to make instrumentals and music!”

What advice do you have for up and coming producers?

Consistency. Keep going every single day because you will see results for sure. Follow up on your ideas that you believe are amazing because no one is going to make them come true but you.

Be sure to look out for NOGXNRE as a production powerhouse in the music industry. Also, check out NOGXNRE’s first music video release titled “PA’BAJO” feat. Delian, Reny Rain & Lunitik Novae.