Platform Delivers New Non-Interest Income and Cardholder Value.

Revenew announced the launch of its merchant-funded incentive program designed to promote card usage and card loyalty. Key to the program is Revenew’s first of its kind platform for financial institutions, which delivers new Non-Interest Income directly to the bank or credit union. The Revenew program introduces rapidly realized value back into the loyalty and rewards programs for financial institutions.

“Financial institutions have watched the decline of content value in merchant funded, card linked programs. With our retailer category exclusivity, we now drive this value to a new higher level,” stated Kevin Davies, CEO, Revenew. “For us it’s all about delivering the new…New Non-Interest Income, New Cardholder Value, and New Interchange Income. We look forward to making a major impact on how our financial institution partners increase their income, cardholder share of wallet and customer loyalty.”

“The Revenew program gave us three things we have been looking for – an increase in member value, a new income stream, and an increase in wallet share,” stated Jeff March, CEO, Citadel FCU. “We have had programs in the past but none provided this level of value to our cardholders, and Revenew pays us a non-interest income stream every month. For us it’s a triple win!”

After initial deployment of the platform in the Greater Philadelphia area in April, Revenew will aggressively roll out the program nationally. “We will have nationwide coverage by the end of 2021 with a goal of supporting 50+ retailer brands and 50+ million cardholders,” shared Tim Wallace, Chairman of Revenew, LLC. “Our participating retailers and financial institutions have been frustrated with the lesser value offerings, typical of many card-linked programs. Revenew is different because we offer our partnering financial institutions extremely high cardholder value and direct income that is not typically seen at current loyalty programs. We’re a different company with a unique approach, and that is making a major impact.”

About Revenew, LLC
Revenew, LLC, is the developer of a powerful next-gen income generating and value add platform for financial institutions. The platform focuses on identifying, reaching and converting consumers from competitor spend and moving that spend to participating retailers. Committing to a category exclusive retailer allows Revenew to deliver higher value offers to cardholders and an income stream to financial institutions. In addition to its technology advances in algorithms and artificial intelligence, Revenew incorporates a fully functioning offer automation system that delivers specific offers down to the individual cardholder level. Begun by a core group of technology and FinTech executives in February of 2020, Revenew, LLC went live on April 13, 2021.

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