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Athari Group is committed to helping create transparent and nimble organizations that prioritize sensitivity and respect for the people they serve above all else. Participants must demonstrate that they are attending to their target area in a unique, novel way, and that their future organization will be co-led by local community members. The group states on its website that “Very rarely is starting a nonprofit the most effective way to contribute towards a cause”, which might seem like an odd thing for a nonprofit accelerator to suggest, but a deeper dive into the organization’s philosophy reveals they take very seriously the waste and unintentional harm often symptomatic of nonprofits. Co-founder Jeff Fonda is an IBM executive by day, and started his own nonprofit a decade ago, which was the inspiration for the project. He explains, “Our mission is, of course, to help bring brilliant ideas to fruition, but it is also, prior to that, to educate future founders on what it means to build a truly humane organization. Myriad resources exist on how to fundraise, for example, but we’d like to transcend the purely practical; the goal is to be a one-stop-shop for how to create something that begins and ends with those we are trying to serve.”


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Jeff Fonda

Co-founder and CEO


jeff ( @ ) atharigroup dot org