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It is about those things that have happened, will happen, and are now happening to all nations, tribes, and tongues. It is about the mark of the beast who the beast is, what the mark is, and the purpose for the mark. It is about the war being fought in the arena of commerce, a war about which God is trying to warn us in order for us to be prepared.

As COVID–19 stains fear and uncertainty country after another, appearing to be as a health pandemic threatening countless of lives; author Roy Martin asks: “Will this pandemic also make way for the beast to reap souls to be marked and bring to eternal damnation?”

In line of recent events, it will be easy to manipulate people using fear. One definite way to further establish fear and manipulation is to coerced people into thinking that citizens will be denied healthcare amidst this pandemic if they will not allow themselves to be marked by the beast.

“The Book of Revelation From Alpha to Omega: Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready for Your Next Life,” authored by Roy Martin exposes the possibilities of the beast taking over in the healthcare industry for the sole opportunity of marking God’s children —  and to anyone who receives the mark will be denied entry in heaven.

In his personal anecdote of 267 pages, the book explains why the numbers 666 involves a man and not satan. The book, which was published on August 17, 2020 under WorkBook Press, reveals how it will be arduous for the people to ignore this, especially when pharmaceutical companies and everyone in the healthcare industry has the freedom in choosing where this would go.