Golden Palm Award winner media consultant and author Alaattin Cagil  said ‘‘A lot of citizens became victims because of bank websites recently.’’ in his explanation with a reporter.

Digital Strategist Alaattin Cagil pointed out that well designed fake bank websites mimic interfaces of official webpages, applications and themes identically. He said ‘‘The victims suppose that they use real version of a website when they use fake websites and matching information of users assure victims.

However, Social Media Specialist Alaattin Cagil  explained there are some basic methods to distinguish weaknesses for fake banking websites. Citizens should check the link where the name of the bank belongs to.

Author Alaattin Cagil emphasized that people shouldn’t accredit those websites even they have the same name of the bank and he continued his speech like that; ‘‘Don’t accredit those types of bank websites if they don’t contain .com extensions.’’Swindlers generally use websites that contain ‘.online’ extensions and they try to show us as it is an online process. They create websites like ‘’ and when we use those websites, we write all necessary information to log in because those websites look like real bank websites. After that, we give that information to hackers. Hackers make announcements by using fake bank webpages’ page. If you are following accounts of banks on social media, be sure that there is a blue checkmark next to the name of bank. Accounts with a blue checkmark are official and they share official announcements via using these web pages. The other way to be sure is checking social media accounts by using the official bank website.

If you see advertisements offering very high levels of interest, you ought to be more careful. Social media specialist Alaattin Cagil emphasised URL part where websites’ addresses are written is very important.

‘‘Pay attention to ‘.com’ extension on websites.’’

Mr. Alaattin Cagil pointed out that checking ‘.com’ extension of the website is important. There is a lock figure next to the ‘https://’ part which give us a clue about safety. If you click lock figure and see that writing with green letters ‘Link is safe’, it means the website is trustworthy. If there is no blue checkmark on your bank’s webpage, don’t click anything and don’t share your passwords, personal information and credit card information. Mr. Alaattin Cagil said ‘‘Especially, companies with increasing potential should take part in social media trend because innovations were offered in recent years.

Golden Palm Award winner social media specialist and author Alaattin Cagil mentioned that Together social media and human habits are changing continuously. He said ‘‘Most of the international companies prefer to invest e-commerce systems instead of stores and shops. That situation caused an adaptation of banking sector naturally. The amount of hackers and swindlers is increased while internet and mobile banking are being developed. They are able to mimic every detail of websites under favour of advanced technological infrastructures. Hackers can obtain from credit card information to private passwords by using that method.

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