To improve the public’s ability to make timely filings and ensure the protection of staff and public filers from potential security risks, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued Order No. 862 which encourages the use of electronic filings. The FERC also issued policy clarification and requirements for the public to ensure the validity of compliance in response to a request for an alternative in case eFiling does not work.

With risks of potential missteps and statutory deadlines approaching, public filers must be in the know of the practical know-how and best practices that will help mitigate compliance risks and pitfalls.

In a LIVE CLE Webcast, FERC compliance experts Brendan H. Connors (Holland & Knight LLP) and Matthew L. Bly (Duncan & Allen, LLP) will provide a thorough discussion of FERC’s new filing requirements. Speakers will discuss current policy updates and other electronic filing issues. They will also offer best practices in managing the underlying complexities brought by the FERC’s new filing requirements.

Some of the major topics that will be covered in this course are:

• The FERC Order No. 862: An Overview

• Demystifying Implications

• Common Risks and Pitfalls

• Best Filing Practices

• Other Trends on Energy Regulation

• Outlook

Speakers/Faculty Panel

Matthew L. Bly, Partner

Duncan & Allen, LLP

Brendan H. Connors, Associate

Holland & Knight LLP

For an updated list of the faculty panel, please visit:

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