“Dust in AC ducts is just one of the allergens that can get collected. Dirty AC ducts can also collect mould, fungi and bacteria. If you have pets, it may also collect their fur or feathers. This can trigger some severe allergies. If you notice that you have been showing signs of allergies at home where nothing significant has changed, except that your air ducts have not been cleaned for a long time; it is a good idea to call a company that provides AC duct cleaning in Dubai.” Our team explains.

In order to make sure people are safe from such allergies, Total Property Care is struggling everyday to clean the AC ducts and sanitize them so that people can breathe in clean air and stay safe from hazardous health conditions.

“Our maintenance company in Dubai offer duct cleaning services for people in need of help. Using advanced machineries and disinfecting materials, our team operates by cleaning and disinfecting all cooling system components of Air Conditioner. Our team also applies treatment to inner surfaces of air ducts to prevent the development of bacteria and all the dust particles and fibers leaving your AC ducts spotless and tidy.” Our experts working at TPC states.

Other than that, we also offer other maintenance services such as Plumbing Services, Painting Services, Electricity and Handyman Services.