Tracy and her son Elijah Boone of Elijah’s Path to Healing Foundation have joined forces with Rev Bobby Layne of Bobby Layne Ministries and are taking “The Path to Healing Show” across the Country with live events called “Healing Has Come Across America 2021.” Come meet them and be a part of the community of resources bringing hope, healing and horses to those suffering from grief and loss.

The first event of many is located at Victory Reigns Ranch, Cherry Valley, Illinois on April 23-25th, 2021.

Text Event to 3036466558 and receive more information and register for the event…

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Come and meet the hosts Tracy, Elijah and Bobby as well as Steve Carol Langely, the owner of Victory Reigns Ranch. We have special guests Pastor Steve Cassell from Beloved Church of Illinois, The Band Rugged, and last but least Brendan Brooks. These nights are free and full of fellowship, worship and ministry. Text Event to 303-646-6558 for more information and register and if you are a person or family suffering from grief identify you on the text.

While in town they will be inviting families and children to come spend time with the horses and bringing resources to help these families back to life after great loss. This is a time of refreshing and restoring families and hope for the future. There will be three nights of live events to bring hope and encouragement to all who come. “Healing Has Come Across America 2021.” Revival is here.

Tracy Boone was called to help others overcome their grief after experiencing the loss of her husband. In 2016, she established “Elijah’s Path to Healing Foundation” and has since expanded into television to further her message and her story.

“I never want another person to feel so alone when they lose someone they love. This thing we call grief and trauma is not something that we heal from overnight. It truly is a process of learning how to live this life without the person that they love who isn’t here anymore and finish well,” said Boone.

“The Path to Healing Show” is a faith-based show that promotes emotional healing and well-being through scripture and horses., “The Path to Healing Show” airs on three networks: The NOW Network, Preach the Word Network, and Zondra TV Network.

About Elijah’s Path to Healing Foundation

The foundation provides a faith-based path to healing for adults and children helping them through their grief and trauma as a result of losing someone they love. Partnerships and donations allow the foundation to offer a community of support and hope through specialized services and education.