Dogs are not just man’s best friend; they’re part of our family too. They make us smile, feel good, and takes out the stress every time we come home from work or school. Memories are made and cherished. Whenever the time comes these pets get lost or result in death, this leads to traumatic episodes for adults and especially children. This book also helps cope with this type of scenario since it is easy to read and understandable for young primary-grade readers.
This friendly, approachable, and heart-warming narrative of a family confronting the death of a canine is thoughtfully written and drawn beautifully in watercolors. A great read for families to have in the library and help them get through the inevitable and timely passing of a family pet.
Also helps connect the need for helping a family with young siblings to handle the expectancy of loss, death, and grief of a beloved pet. The artwork depicts a family that has no particular race. Some biblical quotes are also presented, one which expresses different views of all religious beliefs, making both features in this book versatile in its appeal. The presentation, reading level, and visual aesthetics make it very appropriate for use in learning institutions, animal shelter facilities, veterinary clinics, and elsewhere you find pet lover groups and organizations.
Illustrations here are simple but provides great discussion when presented in a group of children. It also creates interactivity between topics on how to handle the distress of losing a pet. This also makes an excellent avenue for parents to be able to initiate a conversation with their kids which also helps them understand the reality and the inevitability of such an event. This also helps them accept the disturbing truth of the passing of loved ones including pets.
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Buddy Goes to Heaven
Author: Alan Riedesel
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: November 2020
Book Genre: Children’s Book
Target Audience: Children, Young Adults, Adults
About the Author
Dr. Alan Riedesel, who lives in western New York, is a former elementary teacher, elementary principal, and distinguished university professor. He has written over twenty-five books for elementary school children, elementary school teachers, and parents. His wife died in 2015 after sixty-three years of marriage, leaving him with five grown children, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. He has been active in Christian activities including Sunday school teaching for children and adults, being a church school superintendent, being a lay speaker, and projects that encourage critical thinking on the part of children.