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Versatile and affordable MOBI home monitoring cameras offer consumer-requested features including easy setup and are now available at Buy Buy Baby, a respected retailer of infant and young children’s products. Shop MOBI Products here:

For the most features and flexibility, the MobiCam HDX Smart WiFi Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor allows authorized users – and no one else – to view HD video from a child’s room or any location from anywhere in the world with a cell signal using an Android or iOS device. This home monitoring camera connects to a home network and requires no subscription.

Advanced features include 2x zoom, 360-degree pan and tilt controllable through the MOBI Smart app, the ability to see 40 feet in total darkness with infrared night vision, secure wireless connection and two-way audio that allows for listening and talking back. Voice prompts make setup simple.

This reliable home and baby camera also features recording and playback, 30-day storage of recordings, motion alerts, notifications and optional cloud storage. It can be used as part of a system of up to 100 cameras for full-home coverage, all viewable through the app by up to 100 authorized users, if the primary user grants access. Up to 4 camera views can be seen at once through the app. AC adapter, power cable, instructions and 90-day limited warranty are included.

For a wide static view at lower price, MobiCam Multi-Purpose Baby Monitoring System offers many of the same features, including two-way audio, night vision, recording, app monitoring and motion alerts. View here:

Users of this home monitoring camera get a clear 110-degree full-room view from the device, which can be mounted on the wall or placed strategically on a shelf. Place it in a corner to see most of the room in one view.

The MobiCAM Multi-Purpose can mix and match with MobiCam HDX cameras for total home coverage.

“MOBI home and baby cameras have been improved recently for greater ease of use and the best possible user experience, “said MOBI CEO David Naghi. “The MOBI Smart app is also our best app ever. It provides a smoother experience, more features and complete integration with other MOBI Smart products.” The MOBI smart app is available on both Android and Apple


MOBI video baby monitors and digital health thermometers are available online from Buy Buy Baby at and from other retailers. Find the complete line of MOBI products and list of retailers at

Founded in 2003, MOBI is a smart home and monitoring products company based in Los Angeles, California. It focuses on careful design, quality components and affordable pricing that makes it accessible to the widest possible range of consumers.

About MOBI Technologies

MOBI Technologies Inc. is a consumer health and home electronics brand committed to elevating the consumer experience around digital living and wellness monitoring for all ages. Through intuitive, easy-to-use solutions and Home Health Tech kits, MOBI inspires smart living while catering to comfort when you need to manage and monitor vitals. Our award-winning home health portfolio is ever-growing, and today includes smart thermometers, blood pressure monitors, oxygen meters, nursery and room management solutions (smart cameras, door/window sensors, lighting control for wake/sleep/downtime, etc.), and other smart choices for convenience and peace-of-mind. Learn more about how MOBI can support your health management from home with tailored, trusted devices that can be easily added to and managed via a single app as you move through life’s ages and stages. Explore our innovations at