Award-winning author and yoga teacher Anna Smithers recently released ‘Yoga Superhero Series’ on Amazon, and so far, the books are being met by many positive reviews.

Soothing, lyrical picture books – walking children through yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation techniques because even Superheroes need to keep fit and rested! Creating a calmer future, one child at a time. The books can be read as a series or as standalone stories. The three titles in the series, ‘Yogi Superhero : A Children’s Book About Yoga, Mindfulness, and Emotions’, ‘Yogi Superhero Adventures in Nature – Forest: A Children’s Book about Yoga, Mindfulness, and Worry’, and ‘Yogi Superhero Time to Rest: A Children’s Book About Yoga, Mindfulness, and Relaxation’, all help children learn to cope with emotions through yoga while teaching yoga poses and relaxation.

“The phrase ‘Yogi superhero’ is very catchy and my yoga kids were immediately drawn to it,” said a recent reader about ‘Yogi Superhero Adventures in Nature – Forest Review. “The book has a gentle flow through beautiful words and lovely illustrations that makes it easier for kids to relax and enter into the story.”

Each of Smithers’ picture books are designed to help children see the magic of yoga, and she is excited that her books are reaching kids everywhere.

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About Anna Smithers

Anna Smithers is an award-winning author, yoga teacher, and yoga therapist for children and young adults.