THINGS PEOPLE TELL ME, the unauthorized autobiography of Donald J. Trump, blows the lid off the most chaotic administration in history. Written under a pen name (Anon E. Moose) because he wasn’t awake for most of the events described, THINGS PEOPLE TELL ME goes deep inside Trump’s “very, very large brain” for a tongue-in-cheek look at the events that shaped his Presidency—his bromance with Kim Jong Un, how he single-handedly saving the U.S. Armed Forces from ruin by ordering more bullets, his intense preparation for debating Sleepy Joe, how he met Melania (she was his second choice) and his bungled coup.

This humorous and satirical “unauthorized autobiography” sheds behind-the-scenes light on these and other seminal events from his chaotic term as Dotard-in-Chief, as his BFF Kim calls him in the love letters they share. It’s all here in a series of one and two syllable words that even a third grader could understand.

“I decided to release this book on April Fool’s Day to commemorate the time I fooled 45.9 percent of American voters into thinking I cared about them,” said Trump, er, Anon E. Moose. “I’m pleased to announce that 100 percent of the proceeds will go to me.”

Read about Trump’s takes on other topics, such as how to ask foreign leaders for favors, how months of trying to catch COVID finally paid off, his ham-handed attempts at pulling off an October surprise, what really happened in Tulsa, how many sets of White House silver fit in one of Melania’s suitcases, how he aced his performance review with Vladimir Putin, and the different phases of the President’s annual physical exam (they’re not all pretty).

This book is the perfect memento of four years we’d all like to forget. Available on Amazon in e-book ( and paperback ( and free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Note: A PDF review copy can be made available upon request. Single-chapter excerpts may be published with consent from the author, provided a link to the Amazon page is included.

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