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While many children’s books hone in on positive themes and positivity, author Jessica Collaco and publishing company Shine Your Light Books want to teach children how to handle feelings of disappointment with a new book called ‘Apple’s Big Dream’.

This new children’s book is launching first on Kickstarter, where pledgers will have a chance to help fund the publication of the book while also getting special perks – such as a signed book bundle – in exchange.

“We’re so often told to go for our dreams, but we’re not always taught how to handle the challenges that come with that,” said Collaco. “I saw how important it was for my family to have coping skills this year, especially my kids. We had to stay present and accept the emotions that all the unexpected circumstances brought up.”

‘Apple’s Big Dream’ shows how the unexpected can derail things and that feelings of loss are validated. The story doesn’t have a fairy tale ending, but it does give readers a sense of hope for new experiences.

More information is available on Kickstarter and at

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Shine Your Light Books offers inspirational children’s books that encourage love, unity, inner peace, and optimism.