Deshawn Omari Palmer-Agyemang was born in Toronto, Ontario in 2000 and has since moved to Vaughan.

As a child, to keep himself occupied and active, he was enrolled in numerous sports in and out of school; Castlebrooke Secondary School – basketball, soccer and volleyball. When Deshawn was 14, he was put in a choir and made appearances in his elementary talent show. He showcased his talent and unlocked a new ability of vocals, which impressed everyone with his voice.

20kDrz’s influences when growing up were 50 Cent, MJ, Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie and Lil Wayne. He gained influences from reggae and Afro artists because of the songs that were played in his parents house, both coming from Jamaica and Ghana. The music he heard most-certainly influenced his own unique sound.Growing in a tough area of Toronto inspired his lyrics and sound.

20kDrz wants to be the voice for the streets, tell the world how he was living and how his friends are still living. The songs he produces are “Folk Songs”, “Hip-Hop”, “R&B”, “Afro” and also “Rap”. He became versatile when listening to other musicians.

20kDrz is a songwriter and musician. He released three projects last December, Midnight Freestyle, Slide on 6ixbuzz Ent and Commando all music videos that are still doing numbers. His hit project, “Watchu Want” was released on 26th February.

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