Flat has launched a mobile tire and vehicle service for consumers and fleets under the Flat Tire Co name. The service – available in Austin and San Antonio metro markets – will offer tire installation and repair and oil changes, brake work, and other services.

Flat intends to extend the service to other major markets throughout the U.S. by 2022.

Flat is currently servicing the Austin Texas and San Antonio Texas markets.

“Austin began as a pilot program in July and developed into a full-fledged business in the second half of 2020,” says Paul. “We expanded in San Antonio in November and have launched into San Marcos.”
“We plan to continue our expansion over the next several months, with plans to be in major markets across the entire country” by 2023.
Flat “uses custom-designed and specially equipped vans operated by certified technicians to perform a wide range of maintenance services, including fluid and filter changes, tire repair and replacement, battery check and replacement and more.”

Each Flat service van “functions as its company-owned store,” says Davis, with its “own store number. The vans start and finish their days at a store, where they procure any tires/fluids they might need for their upcoming appointments and recycle any used materials at the end of the day.

“The only requirements for service are a clean and flat surface with enough clearance to access and lift the vehicle, such as a driveway or parking lot,” according to Flat owner Paul Brown

Flat offers on-site tire repairs, new tire installations, and tire balancing anywhere they can travel to.  Visit https://www.getflattire.com to book an appointment or shop for tires.

About Flat

Flat is a mobile tire shop serving customers in the greater San Antonio and Austin Texas area. The service comes to your location at home or work. They offer services such as mobile tire repair, mobile tire installation, and mobile tire balancing.