Music artist and rapper Edward Stewart who goes by the stage name LvLzeze is presenting a new scope of hip hop and rap exploration through his soundscape. The immersive lines of his newly released song, ‘2k17’ in production association with Splashgvng are setting new goals and benchmarks. His sound can be described as alternative rap that has got an edge and identity to itself. The artist’s lyrical spontaneity and ability to compile the various components into a blissful musical stream in commendable. Extracting the essence of modern-day musical characteristics, he has imbibed a unique approach to making his soundscape stand out.

The New Mexico singer hails from the city of Albuquerque and is currently associated with the home production label L&l while also collaborating with various producers and artists. The song, ‘2k17’ takes the audience on a captivating journey where lyrics meet sublimity. His connection with music is founded at a very personal level where he aims at feeling the vibe of creative liberation through his sound and compositions. His prolific ideas have helped him craft a soundscape that would later call itself alternative rap. Making alternative music also expands his creative scope and allows him to experiment with new things.

Some of LvLzeze’s songs that have played a key role in defining his music include ‘Evil thoughts’, ‘One more time’, ‘Be Real’, and ‘A new day’ among many others. Over the years, he has improved and improvised on his style that led to an explosion of new styles, ideas, and implementation of production elements. Using electronic transformations, he has been able to address the new-age audience through an energetic soundscape. He is truly changing the game of rap altogether. Get to know more about his musical growth and success by following him on YouTube, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Listen to LvLzeze’s ‘2k17’ track on Soundcloud: