Passover Interfaith Seder ( invites all faiths to a Seder at 7 PM EST on March 28, celebrating freedom from oppression for all people. The Passover Seder is a Jewish tradition
celebrating the freedom from oppression and the retelling of the exodus from Egypt, with rituals, food, wine, and song.

Founder David Hall, who is also the President of the Lakeworth Interfaith Network, explained, “I grew up with a predominantly Orthodox Jewish background, which led me to be a man of serving faith, appreciation, and gratitude.” Upon growing up in Northern California, David recognized that there is more to faith than one religion, hence him beginning his spiritual quest for other religions.

Passover Interfaith Seder has many sponsorship partners to help spread its mission to celebrate freedom from oppression for all people of different faiths and religions. Some of the sponsors include Emory University for supplying Haggadah artwork and Mark Gerson, who is the author of the Telling How Judaism’s Essential Book Reveals the Meaning of Life.