Makeover Medicine is the newest makeover show to make you feel and look good all day. Hosted by Jackie Beard Robison Haggal Kapach, they have added their latest episode, “Sing Your Name” singer, rapper songwriter C-Slim. All episodes of Makeover Medicine are now on Binge Networks TV channel. With the help of their professional hair, makeup, and aestheticians team will be transformed and feeling like a new person!

“In Makeover Medicine, we do everything because we love people and want to help them,” says Jackie. Through the episode, viewers can look inside C-Slim’s life as she, Jackie and her team, swap fun personal stories with their team.

During the episode “Sing Your Name” singer C-Slim was interviewed about her brand, coming up story, and she also performed one of her songs! You can follow her on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok as C-Slim Soundz.

“I’m always so excited when a new episode releases! Being part of their team and seeing their mission grow and laughing along the way is the best medicine there is” Adrienne Mazzone, Media Relations & Talent Coordinator for Makeover Medicine. Watch the videos on Binge Networks TV here and stay tuned for new videos. For more information on Makeover Medicine Powered by Jackie Beard Robinson and Haggai Kapach,
visit the official website here and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.