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The award-winning children’s literature series, “The World’s First Tooth Fairy” has reached an all-time high and inflated in prices! This is a great success for the well-estimated author Zane Carson Carruth who has put her heart and soul into writing exciting and mystical adventures of Abella and her friendly, fairy friends. This series of novels has been enjoyed by countless amounts of children by following Abella’s adventures and learning valuable life lessons from her tales. Some major lessons that are learned in this series are accepting responsibility in one’s actions and tackling challenges with a positive attitude! 

Mrs. Carruth’s commitment to her writing can clearly be seen in the amount of effort she puts in each of her novels. The author is determined to make her novels stand out to children’s interests and believes that reading is an essential skill for children of all ages to have. She includes bright visuals and colorful atmospheres in her children’s novels in order to “grab a parent’s attention in hopes they will read it to their child” to promote reading as a bonding family activity.

In an interview with Eshaan Mani, HFM Kid Ambassador, Mrs. Carruth says that reading is “invaluable for the future generations…you learn about everything from books!”. Due to the popularity and success of this children’s series, it has been inflated at over $275.31 on Amazon and $256.84 on Ebay! This is another exceptional accomplishment for “The World’s First Tooth Fairy” series and author, Zane Carson Carruth. Previously, her novels have won admirable awards such as the Story Monsters Seal of Approval, the Story Book of Approval, and the Purple Dragonfly Book Award. Mrs. Carruth is delighted to see her series
grow into being one of her most fulfilling accomplishments, “It brings me so much joy to know how influential and loved my books are to children and families. This was what I always wanted for this series.”.