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Makemytrip, which used to be India’s leading travel portal, is now scraping the bottom of the barrel. They are doing everything to not lose pennies at the cost of losing the dollar. They have reduced their spent on customer service at the expense of the customers.

When you call their customer support, it no longer can connect to humans. It just directs you to fill an online form. Their customer support is not 24 hours anymore but they operate an inefficient and overworked team that works in business hours only. If you ever are traveling and need help, you can just forget it. 

One customer recently booked a hotel through Makemytrip in Chandigarh. The fraudulent hotel, called Skyview Holiday Home, gave a very bad customer experience. The customer kept trying to reach Makemytrip but he couldn’t get any response till he checked out of the hotel. The issues with the property included:
1. Dirty Bathroom
2. Broken Fan
3. Seepage in Room
4. Broken Lights with no light bulb
5. Rat Poop in Bathroom
6. Blocked Sink
7. No Cable Connection of TV
8. Bindi of earlier guest on the wall
9. Dirty Bedsheets & Pillows
10. Fake Mineral Water – green cap of Bisleri over Baileys (tap water only and old bottle)
11. Infested with mosquitos

However, Atif Rahman from Makemytrip offered a paltry Rs. 200 voucher to be used for the next booking as a resolution to Reference No. 12858063193141632. They did not take any action against the property. They did not even take the issue seriously. They showed no sense of responsibility and rightly deserve not to get any business from good customers in the travel sector.

Such a poor customer focus is perhaps the reason for their fall from grace and not just COVID-19.