1888 Press Release – What does the future hold for higher education? How does the pandemic impact how we learn and from where do we work? How are organizations designing work to facilitate the demands and expectations of employees? These topics and more are covered in the forthcoming book authored by Dr. Sunil Ramlall

Rosemount – Dr. Sunil Ramlall, Academic Program Chair at Western Governors’ University, is leading the book publication on Future of Work and Education: Implications for Curriculum Delivery and Work Design, This book integrates perspectives of scholars globally addressing the changing nature of higher education and how work is changing. The book will be published by IGI Global, Publisher of Timely Knowledge.

Future of Work and Education
Dr. Sunil Ramlall posits higher education has changed significantly over the last few decades. In particular, traditional face to face degrees are being revamped in a bid to ensure they stay relevant in the 21st century and being offered online. Work has changed. There is little doubt as to the impact of digital communication, remote work, and societal changes on the nature of work itself. Many have argued the need for organizations to be more agile, flexible, entrepreneurial, and creative. COVID-19 has created significant impact on work and education. Even prior to the pandemic, the future of work was unfolding. Organizations continue to focus on digitalization, remote work, employee empowerment and workforce diversity. Similarly, higher education is also reinventing itself to transform to offering online degree programs, virtual support strategies, and integrating advanced digital learning management systems into instructional design. Work and education are traversing a path of immense changes adapting to global trends and consumer preferences.

Purpose of Book
This book provides the foundation for executives, academic leaders, faculty, and students to analyze the realities of higher education today, strategies that would ensure success of academic institutions, and factors that would lend to student success. In particular, the book addresses essentials of online learning, strategies to ensure success of online degrees and courses, effective course development practices, key support mechanisms for students, and ensuring student success in online degree programs. Furthermore, the book addresses the future of work, preferences of employees, and how work can be re-designed to create further employee satisfaction, engagement, and increase productivity. In particular, the book covers insights that would lend to ensuring remote employees feel valued, included, and are being provided relevant support to thrive in their roles.

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