To speed up development and ensure the stability of the app at release, Zebrunner Inc. is ready to provide Clubhouse with full access to their in-house test execution and reporting tool for free.

Zebrunner Inc. approached Clubhouse on Twitter and proposed assistance by providing absolutely free access to the Zebrunner tool. Leveraging its functionality Clubhouse will be able to accelerate the Android app time-to-market and ensure the release with no bugs.

Zebrunner team was delighted by the Clubhouse’s networking opportunities and frustrated with its inaccessibility for Android users. We do understand how these hard times trim down resources and time, so we decided to make a fair share of contribution. Our team is open to help with test reporting and parallel execution in the cloud” – Alex Khursevich, CEO at Zebrunner, Inc.

In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Clubhouse, an audio-chat social networking app, entered the market. The app immediately gained popularity and broke into the big time in less than a year. With 2 million weekly active users by the end of February 2021 Clubhouse is still available on iOS devices only leaving the huge Android community in the cold.

Given that delivering a consistent mobile application is time-consuming, the number one priority for the project is to remain in-demand. By implementing automated test execution and reporting at the early development stages Clubhouse will be able to enhance the process and meet the tight deadlines they have.

About Zebrunner

Zebrunner tool serves for automated testing results analysis helping fix issues faster with smart AI-based failure classification. The tool helps customers speed up the testing process and make the release faster by enabling users to execute their test suites in parallel. Zebrunner supports integrations with TestRail, qTest, Jira, and the most popular notification services.